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Unhappy at work – how do you know? These 5 situations will open your eyes

Being unhappy at work often also means being unhappy with life.

Work is, therefore, very important in our lives – and yet far too many people spend their professional lives in unsatisfactory positions and are unsatisfied at work. Often they are afraid of a fresh start – after all, the current job seems safe and the pay is at least okay. Isn’t the discussion with colleagues, the boredom, and often lack of appreciation overrated? But whoever thinks this way will in time become quite unhappy, maybe even sick. To avoid this, every affected employee should listen carefully and check whether a change of job might be a solution. Sometimes people forget how important it is that we feel comfortable at work.

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Unhappy at work: Sometimes changing jobs is the only solution

Some jobs are fun and make sense, some jobs are less and other jobs are pure hell for those affected. Not every anger or dissatisfaction in the office means that you should quit the job. But: when you arrive at a point in your professional life where you are so stressed that your physical and mental health is attacked, then at the latest you should give serious thought to changing jobs.

Often, you will also realize that you are not spending enough time with your family or that you feel that you are not growing with your current position. Sometimes job dissatisfaction also arises from the accumulation of many little things. So to speak, a lot of drops, one of which will make the barrel overflow. The good news: most employees have a very good chance of changing jobs at the moment – due to the good economic situation. But how do I know when it’s time to let go of the current job and find a new one?

No chance of advancement – every blade of grass grows faster than you

You’ve been doing everything for the company for several years, but you haven’t been promoted. You have the feeling that you are constantly being ignored and that you are prohibited from any further training. All of these can cause frustration, especially if you have the energy and experience to tackle bigger tasks. No further training, i.e. no growth, means standing still. In this case, you should think about applying your skills to another company. Nobody should work under their means, because that makes you sick in the long run. Other bosses would give a lot to have such a good employee.

Poor earning potential – is your salary competitive?

If you take on more responsibility, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for a raise. It’s only fair if that is reflected in your account. Since the salary is also related to the appreciation by the employer, a salary that is too low in the long term is a reason for termination for many. Nowadays, in particular, there is a particularly good chance of improving one’s salary by changing employers. Good people are wanted. Money is not everything, but always having the feeling of being underpaid slows down the willingness to perform in the long term and creates frustration.

Undertrained and bored

There may be phases in life when a reasonably secure income from a job is more important than the passion and feeling of doing something meaningful. But staying for years in a job that is constantly under-challenged or even boring is nothing more than an exchange of valuable life for money. A boring and uneventful long-term work life can have disastrous consequences for both self-esteem and your own career. If you, too, suffer from chronic boredom at work and are therefore unhappy at work, you should consider changing employers. Experts see more than three years in an unchanged position without adding new topics and tasks as extremely critical.

The work environment is frustrating

How nice it is to have colleagues with similar interests. But this often has little to do with reality. What if you feel excluded just because of other interests? It is not the performance and interest in what each individual does that count, but only whether one is trendy. In this case, team building is difficult or even impossible. It is even worse to work in an environment where there is a culture of rivalry and envy among employees. If you find yourself in such an unhealthy work environment, don’t think twice about it and change jobs.

Questionable company course

Do you find many decisions in management more than questionable and do you possibly get angry? Employee feedback is irrelevant and customer complaints are ignored. Internal overtime is not rewarded. It goes without saying that not every decision has to be understood by management, but if you permanently violate your values ​​and principles, you should change jobs. Do not do anything that you cannot agree to with your conscience.

Only YOU can change something

And finally, if you are dissatisfied with your job and something should change, you have to change something. Unfortunately, the employer often doesn’t care – as brutal as it sounds – how you feel and how you are doing. Even if you find it unfair. If something is to change, it is your responsibility to take care of it. Do what you can to improve your situation. Get active. Take action.

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