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Returning to work – you should definitely pay attention to these points when applying!

At some point the time has come – you have decided to dare to return to work and now you have to write an application. Preparing an application after parental leave can be a challenge. Especially when you have been out of your job for a long time and can no longer assess your own “market value” very well. Therefore, as a housewife and mother/father, we want to give you some tips on how to apply for a return to work.

Картинки по запросу "Returning to work"

Your wishes for your return to work

Before you write your application for re-entry, you should think carefully about what you want from the new position and how you envision it. These wishes relate to the organizational aspects of the job, but also to the content or technical characteristics of a position. As a returnee, you can best address these points in your cover letter.

Organizational requests

In all organizational matters, you should be honest with yourself and consider when you can start the position as early as possible, how many hours you can work per week, and how long these hours can be worked. Are you basically ready to go on business trips lasting several days? For the future employer, it is extremely important that you explain how you imagine working hours to be organized and the degree of flexibility you need.

The child care factor has a decisive influence on this. It is also important to think about your own mobility and the place of work. How long is the commute? How far is “too far” for you? Do you have a car or good public transport connections? All of these factors can influence your own daily or weekly working hours.

Content requirements

If you are aware of how many hours you can work best in which period of time, it is at least as important to consider what the content of the work should look like. What did you do before you took parental leave? What position did you hold? Is it still exciting for you? Or do you want to orientate yourself in a new professional field and get involved, for example following further training? In the application letter, the content-related wishes for the return to work should therefore not be neglected. It can also be beneficial to describe exactly what you were able to learn personally during parental leave for your return to work: be it patience or empathy.

Competencies and qualifications

You certainly have numerous skills and qualifications that are not immediately “gone” after a break. However, this also depends largely on the length of the break. In some, especially technical, areas, changes can be quickly found. In such cases, you need to clearly communicate your willingness to learn. Perhaps you can also start with a lower salary, which will be adjusted over the time that you are trained and, if necessary, further trained.

Either way, as a returnee, you should use the cover letter to communicate what you have brought with you to the company and what kind of tasks you enjoyed and did very well in previous professional activities. You have certainly acquired knowledge and skills during your parental leave, or strengthened characteristics that can be important in a professional context. Empathy, understanding, and patience are often points that parents can get ahead of.


What is part of the application for re-entry?

Cover letter, curriculum vitae, and references are part of every application from a housewife or mother/father after returning to work. We will go into these components in more detail below.

The cover letter

One thing is of course clear: the application letter is particularly important when returning to work. In the cover letter, you have the opportunity to explain the stations mentioned in the résumé, express your interest in the company and describe and present your personal motivation to apply. If you apply for parental leave, you can make it clear that a new phase of life begins, which you are looking forward to and which you can look forward to with full motivation.

Картинки по запросу "Returning to work"


The curriculum vitae includes the academic and professional career and lists the period of parental leave. Former employers should be mentioned, as well as the position one held. The main areas of activity are also highly relevant. After all, after parental leave, the goal is usually to take it up again.

We recommend structuring as follows: personal data, brief profile, school education, vocational training/studies, professional career, further education/training, special knowledge (e.g., foreign languages, IT), any other interests/commitment, or possible stays abroad, Internships, and publications.

Certificates and certificates

Often, but not always, this evidence is required for an application. Include work, training, and school leaving certificates as well as certificates and certificates of attendance for advanced training courses with your application. Not every single certificate of attendance is relevant for the application, so choose the ones that are thematically related to the position.

Dare to return to work as a housewife/househusband/mother/father and write your application

Even if parental leave seems long to you, as a returnee you will soon arrive at work. If you are aware of your wishes, goals, and personal possibilities beforehand, almost nothing can go wrong!

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