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Need a new job? Tips on how to find your dream job

Are you looking for a job that really suits you? Are you frustrated or bored in your current job? Perhaps you often have the thought: It can’t have been your job? Or are you at the beginning of your professional career and are wondering which job suits me?

There used to be thoughts like: The choice of career is fate or dad will sort it out. Today this only applies to a very limited extent. Today we have it in hand. Thanks to globalization and the latest technologies, our opportunities to find our dream job have expanded enormously.

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Dream job makes you sexy

How about a life with your dream job? How great would it feel to get out in the morning and look forward to work? To feel like creating something and moving forward. Do what you love. A dream job can liberate and make you happy. Yes, a dream job makes you sexy.

What is my dream job?

Take a professional inventory. Have a look to see if something should be sorted. What do you like, what are your personal abilities to get to your dream job? Many of your positive qualities are in the closet, like crumpled shirts, are no longer in focus and have been forgotten. Make yourself aware of your characteristics again and find your dream job.

Find the right dream job

What things would you like to do within your dream job? In which specialist field or in which industry would you like to work? Where and with whom do you want to work and ultimately what framework conditions must be met in your job so that it is exactly your dream job? Further questions could be:

  • Are you someone who likes to start early, or do you only become really employer-friendly after 10:00 a.m.?
  • Are you a loner or a team player?
  • What words would you use to describe yourself, e.g., creative, ambitious, stress-resistant?
  • Is it important to you to have flexibility at work, e.g., in the form of a home office?
  • How far are you ready to go – city, country, worldwide?

Help through tests from the Internet

There are tons of tests on the internet to find out. Sometimes you notice that you are already on the right track and maybe just have to fine-tune a little. Here, too, the many tests in search of the dream job can be of great help. There is also not the optimal test there. It is important to be more and more aware of the topic and to find out what your dream job should look like. Make yourself aware of your dream job.

Картинки по запросу "dream job"

Self-experiment: which job suits me?

Since I’m a rather skeptical person by nature, I of course signed up for one of these numerous tests in the course of this blog. In retrospect, I can say that it was an exciting and insightful experience. And it was fun to deal with the criteria that make a normal job a dream job for me. Here is a short version of my result:

“What sets you apart from other people is the talent to keep track of things even in the greatest chaos. You only really get going when things get hectic around you, and you can hold all the threads together. A job in the service industry would be perfect for you: whether as a manager of large events or an employee in public relations. Nobody can fool you so quickly on the phone or PC – it’s just better to stay away from technical professions.”

Precision landing! It works for me. A good feeling to know that you are right where you are. Conclusion: Do not be afraid to go through one of the many tests personally.

How do I know my dream job?

Each of us has very special abilities and talents. In your dream job, you will do exactly what you are best at, and you will be paid exactly for it. You are accepted for who you are. Your quirks and personality should not be any different, otherwise, you would not be able to do this job. You have landed exactly in your dream job when you find the working conditions and your professional environment (office, colleagues, and customers) to be pleasant and enriching.

What do you want in return for your commitment? For example, money or recognition? Everyone has different needs on these points. No matter what it is for you, you will get it in your dream job. In your dream job you have the feeling that you are doing something important and meaningful in your job and would probably do the same even if you didn’t have to work.

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