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How to update the resume

As important as it is, not everyone cares about updating the curriculum periodically and regularly, based on skills acquired, of the experiences and related results that you want to obtain.

On the contrary, to face the world of work with determination, it is advisable to review and update the CV with a variable periodicity. It is certainly not a static document and, to better manage your job search, it must reflect your current needs and desires.

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Furthermore, it must be considered that the needs of the labor market often change, with the consequent need to highlight some particular skills.

When and how to update your curriculum

The constant and continuous updating of the curriculum allows greater competitiveness and a wider range of action. Obviously, the frequency of updating depends on several elements: age, course of study, the sector towards which the job search is oriented, the objectives to be achieved.

A young person, at the beginning of his/her professional experience, he/she will have to update the CV more frequently of a person already in possession of a significant career. The updating of the curriculum must be carried out at the end of each new professional experience as well as of each training course.

The advice is to give value to any new competence: this allows you not only to open up to new opportunities but also to minimize the presence of time gaps in your background, which are unwelcome to human resources managers.

Update your CV also with non-work experiences

What is the most suitable information to add to your CV? As we said, it’s important to update your resume after you’re done a training course, for example, a master’s degree, a period of study abroad, or a training internship at a company. Likewise, it is important to include new work experiences, no matter if it is for short periods, maybe just a few months.

A good idea is to add all those too. Experiences of a personal rather than professional nature: a social commitment in volunteering, for example, or participation in an artistic or creative course to satisfy one’s passion, or the simple cultivation of a hobby, from music to photography, to gardening. Activities of this type are considered positively, as they indicate curiosity and flexibility.

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Regularly update the CV even during work periods

In most cases, once you have found a fairly stable occupation, the CV is forgotten or otherwise considered useless. There is nothing more wrong, both for those who draw up the CV using traditional methods and for those who insert it in a portal dedicated to job search.

Keep the CV updated to avoid forgetfulness

Time holes in the professional background are one of the least welcome elements to recruiters and leaving your CV lacking regular updates, forget some important experience, perhaps years later, is very easy. From work periods to refresher courses, to the acquisition of new skills: remembering all experiences can be as indispensable as it is difficult.

Preventing a new need to get on the market

Once you find a job, it doesn’t necessarily last forever. You can remain unemployed again, or, while maintaining it, you want a change. Periodically updating your CV also means having a tool that is always ready for any eventuality, whatever the reason for getting back on the market. And it is certainly easier to update frequently if you have to do it all over again, with the risk of excluding the most important information.

Sometimes, even for those who already have a satisfactory job, the opportunity may happen to apply for the job you’ve always dreamed of: it would be a real shame not to be able to do it due to an incomplete and uninteresting CV.

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