The presence of holes in the curriculum is to be understood as a sort of discontinuity in the professional background, where longer periods are highlighted or less prolonged inactivity, in most cases due to the extreme flexibility that today concerns the job market.

However, the professional holes in a CV often worry who is looking for a job, considering that, at least at the first interview, they may not be positively evaluated by human resources managers or by those who examine the curriculum.

Work is evident, the presence of one or more interruptions in a curriculum always requires an explanation, considering that it can refer to the most varied reasons: from family problems to illness to the closure of a company, but also to the lack of willingness in the search for a job.

The suggestion is therefore to always try to justify time gaps in your CV, obviously in a credible way, trying to emphasize its positive aspects.

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Some advice to better explain the gaps in the cv

It is good to consider that professional holes in a curriculum vitae are still part of a story that constitutes your own unique and personal experience. Inventing periods of work that do not correspond to reality is not only incorrect but also counterproductive, as well as justifying the gaps with useless turns of words.

An empty period between work experiences it can be caused by the decision to resume your studies or to take a break to think better about the future: it is however preferable to offer a brief explanation and try to take advantage of it.

Give value to all professional and personal experiences

If the time breaks in the CV are due to moments of alternative activities to a traditional temporary job, it is good to avoid hiding them, since they can instead be a strength.

A specialization course or a master’s degree, a year of volunteering abroad, a period of work as a freelancer, a forced break to assist a family member are all elements that contribute to demonstrating one’s ability to make choices or to take responsibility.

Do not consider professional gaps in the short-term CV

If the presence of professional gaps in the curriculum is limited to very short moments, perhaps a few weeks, yes he can simply avoid showing them, indicating only the month and year on the dates of the various work experiences or, for longer periods, only the year. Always avoiding, obviously, to adulterate the CV with news that does not correspond to the truth or to pretend to have forgotten the presence of temporal shortages.

Do not avoid or exclude the problem of holes in the CV

One of the most common mistakes, certainly to be avoided, is to exclude professional holes from the CV and to indicate only the periods of work. As we have said, this system can be applicable if the inactivity concerns a few weeks or at most two or three months, perhaps dedicated to a training course, however, the longer periods need to be justified, to avoid arousing suspicion and being put in difficulty by a request for explanations.

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Introduce the CV with an effective cover letter

To better clarify a curriculum in which several are found in rather long pauses, an excellent solution is to write a short introduction or accompany it with an effective cover letter.

This system allows you to better specify your experiences, attitudes, aspirations, and personal situation. Sometimes periods of inactivity may be due to the birth of a child, the need to assist parents, or a change of residence: the cover letter allows to be explained better right away, avoiding it is the examiner to “find” the holes in the CV and ask about them.

Always convey a feeling of security

Not everyone is lucky enough to work for decades in the same company, but unfortunately, a heterogeneous and fragmented professional background can cause uncertainties about one’s professional reliability.

It is therefore important not only to clarify precisely any holes in the curriculum vitae medium or long term but also to show your motivation and resourcefulness in your job search.

Being transparent and showing confidence sometimes means avoiding unreliable explanations regarding professional holes in the CV, especially if a short-lived installment, simply claiming to have dedicated the time to search for a more satisfying job than the previous one.